Waking up in a dream

There’s something wonderful about waking up this morning…

I don’t know. Maybe because I woke up early, and I won’t be battling with the sun’s scorching heat that sifts through my window.

I got out of my bed at 7:30, went straight into the comfort room and head right into my desktop to pull the words out of my tongue. And in a wee second, I recall my dream… Something I’ve been dreaming (or praying) for a year now since I’ve learned to realized I was having so much fun without knowing my limitations beyond those responsibilities in college life.

I was with my friends at our graduation day, and we were overwhelmed with joy knowing that each of us have finally made it (without anyone being left one) despite all the hardships and sacrifices in our four years of pursuit. What’s still vivid in my flights of fancy are the tears and smiles on our faces, especially that toga everyone is wearing proudly.

And then I suddenly woke up to reality…

As seconds passes, I started to remember immediately that being with my true friends on my graduation day will forever remain on my fantasy. In the past years of my college life, I’ve been sleeping so much with conceived dreams, without giving birth to them. I had so much fun way back then, but never did I thought about my future. Each day is living it up to the fullest without thinking of the coming days. And boy, never did I ask myself, “what’s next after graduation?”

When I finally learned that I would not be graduating on time, I came to realize all the wasted time and efforts, of sacrifices that turned to nothing. Sooner, I learned to accept the consequences of my actions that I should’ve done my best in everything even though not knowing my desired course. Maybe God didn’t give me the gift of foresight just so I would fight for my dream against all the shackles and boundaries.

The rays of the sunlight that spilled through my face woke me up this morning with another day and another hope. This morning is unusual unlike all the other. God woke me up this morning with a thought… “Face this day by putting your dreams into action”.

“The best way to reach your dreams is to wake up”


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