5 Ways on How to Face the Morning with Lots of Energy

I'm not a morning person. Really.

During schooldays, I would always have a hard time waking up early. Gosh. In the midst of the cold breeze of the dawn, I would rather curl up in bed than battle with the shivering cold of the waters in the bathroom just so to get to school.

At 4am, I should be taking my bath and at 5am, I should be leaving our house to get to school at 7am, the start of my first class. I do this everyday during school days.

I mean, in the ungodly hour of the morning, who wouldn't want to seize the comforts of your queen-sized bed and sleep like a log?

Unfortunately, this 'habit' isn't applicable to working people, and to living souls.

I highlighted living souls, because I believe living one's life to the fullest also means waking up early and battling with the temptations of sleeping. Certainly, sleeping has its perks, but we should know how to balance our responsibilities over our desires and fit ourselves in the situation. Remember, at some point in our lives, we have to adjust to circumstances just to make up with life's reality. Life is as it is. It has its pros and cons, and one way to overcome those cons is to feed our minds with valuable information and good mindset rather distract them with useless ideas.

And one thing to come up with this lesson is to have a better mindset in waking up each morning.

If you're working (say) 7-to-5 each day, waking up early just because you're obliged to isn't enough to face the day and live it to the fullest. Each day must be filled with energy and enthusiasm and it all starts by creating a good mindset first thing of the day.

How? Well, here are just some of the tips I've learned from my mentors and it really did work!

Remember: It only takes 21 days to make a habit, and once you've reach those days, your mind and body system will get used to it. All you need is a strong amount of discipline and motivation to get over your fantasy dreamland.

1. Pray

Start your day with a fifteen-minute prayer. Whether you're comfortable in praying solemnly in your bedroom or not, I believe we shouldn't concentrate on feelings on becoming closer to God. You see, it takes a lot of LOVE and effort to get into it, and remember that love is a verb and not a feeling. Get it? So, the best way to start each day is a prayer about what you would like your day to come out, ask Him for blessings this day, ask Him to be with you this day to guide you and end your prayer with a little verse from the Bible or some Bible teachings or any affirmative statements so that you will stick to it all throughout the day. Statements such as "Lord Jesus, I trust in you", or "Let me see You in each person that I see today" is just some of the examples.

2. Write on your journal

A journal isn't just a diary or folio of events that happened in your life. It is more of a book of life lessons which you have encountered while growing up. While it is not an obligation for you to write on it each day, I believe it helps me a lot in facing the day with optimism. Through writing in my journal, I get to see my goals for the day, I learn to relive the lessons learned, and the best part... I learn to be more appreciative in God's creation by writing down in my journal and thanking Him for another day, and for the trees, and for the flowers, etcetera. My journal is another prayer book, diary of events--significant things in my life. More than that, it stimulates my energy in facing the day more optimistacally.

3. Reread your dreams/goals

Reread your dreams. Every detail of it: from your life mission, daily dreams/goals, annual goals, dreams in family life, finance, career, lovelife and all aspects of your life. Dreams and goals are interchangeable and I believe that in every dream, you should have a goal in order for you to reach it. If you haven't have one, try to write them down so you can mull over your dreams where you will get your energy to face the day. Believe me, it really helps just as it also helped me.

4. Read an inspirational article

Whether a devotional or a chapter from the Bible, it's important to read a brief inspirational article for you to reflect on the day. More than the energy it gives you each morning, it feeds your mind with wisdom that will later be applied in your life. Making this a habit is essentially helpful, as it teaches and let us review lessons in life. Just an inspirational flash fiction will do. :-) Suggested reading is the compilation of 1000 inspirational stories (sorry, I forgot the author), I just borrowed it from my mom's officemate, I'll ask about it later.. :-)

5. Create an optimistic mindset

Reading thousands of inspirational books isn't enough if you haven't got the "optimism" in your mind. Definitely, happiness is in your state of mind and if you choose to be happy, you will definitely be. Despite life's difficulties, always look at the brighter side of life and learn to appreciate the beauty beyond life's imperfections. If you meditate on these things first thing in the morning, sooner you will go back to your bed full of satisfaction and joy. :-)

I do these things each morning, and when I started to make those a habit, I've learned to be more appreciative in life. It's your choice whether you'd follow my advices. But I hope you will. I would never want you to miss that opportunity in your life to grasp wisdom and have great disposition in life. :-)

That's all. God bless you all. I love you.

A life without purpose is a languid, drifting thing; Every day we ought to review our purpose, saying to ourselves: This day let me make a sound beginning, for what we have hitherto done is naught!-- Thomas A. Kempis


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